I am one of those now…..

Well, it happened. I knew it would. It was a matter of time. When I first experienced it I was on the other side of it but now I have seen the other side.

What am I talking about? I am now the person that younger co-workers say to me ‘I wasn’t even born when you did that.’ 😂😂 How did this happen? I remember vividly ‘older’ folks at work talking about graduating or life events and I would say ‘I wasn’t even born when you did that or when that happened.’ I would chuckle and think I was so cute. Oh how the tables turn. Recently at work I was talking about graduating college (which to me seems like just a few years ago) and this younger co-worker said that oh so familiar phrase. But I wasn’t the one saying it. I just had to laugh, otherwise I would cry. (Not really). It did make me think though how when I was younger I was so confident with myself having youth on my side and how I was glad I wasn’t old. Interesting thing how my perspective has changed. I love my life now. I still am confident, actually more confident and comfortable in my skin. I have so much more life experience now. I think back to my younger self and loved that time of my life but I love my life now too. Moral of the story? Age is just a number and what you make out of every day is more important than that number.

Today’s outfit is one of my favorite work outfits. The top is from Calvin Klein. It is so comfortable and has a flattering cut. I love the ruffle detail and the peplum design. The pants are one of my go to work pants. They are navy with a window pane pattern. The leg cut is perfect for my body type and looks professional. I purchased both of the from Macy’s but at different times.

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Sometimes life calls for fun pants

I just couldn’t pass these pants up. They are so fun and colorful and comfortable. They remind me of a tropical vacation. I found them at the outlet at Ann Taylor. The top is also for Ann Taylor but from a different trip. 🤪 I am so happy with the combination. We had just finished eating at this amazing restaurant, Louvino. If you are ever in Louisville check it out. Fried chicken tacos are AMAZING! 🌮

When we left the restaurant and there was this lovely sunset so of course we had to snap some pictures.

I usually don’t buy flowy pants but these looked flattering on. Andrea also wore flowy pants (we didn’t plan it). I love that she wore it with graphic t-shirt. It is a graphic of Farrah Fawcett. Hilarious. She got both pieces from friends who didn’t wear them anymore. Can’t beat free when you are a college student.

What do you think of this style of pant? Do you wear them?

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Those are some good eats!

I mentioned in this post about my flower and herb garden. My herbs have been growing like crazy. So I decided to make some recipes using my herbs. So far I have made a basil pesto, marinara sauce, meatballs and salsa. I have also used the herbs in marinades for beef and chicken as well as potatoes and vegetables. The pesto and salsa have been my favorites so far. I used the pesto and marinara on my cauliflower pizza and with some whole grain pasta. I have had the salsa with tortilla chips and a fried egg.

My husband and daughter and I loved the meatballs and sauce. Andrea made a meatball sandwich and I put some on my pizza.

I love the fresh smell and taste of herbs and to be able to pick them in my own yard is wonderful. I even just go out run my fingers through them to smell their wonderful fragrance. Rosemary, mint, basil, parsley, cilantro, oregano, thyme, and sage. Is that a song?🤪

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Summer is here for sure!!

Well I think Mother Nature skipped over spring this year. It has been hot and humid here in Kentucky. I have been wearing dresses a lot. I have been in the mood to wear them and I am really enjoying it. When I put a dress on my husband says ‘why are you getting dressed up?’. I laugh and say this isn’t dressed up, dresses are just comfortable and perfect for hot summer weather. This red dress with white dots is one such dress. It is cool and flows when I walk. I am not sure where I bought this dress as I have had it a couple years. We were headed to the outlet shops the day I was wearing this. I am trying to not go crazy with my clothing purchases but I am always ready to shop. I ended up buying a cute dress, some tops and the fun flowy pants. I will show them on future posts.

I love the pop of yellow from my purse and my black sandals. The purse is from stitch fix and the shoes are from Clark’s.

Andrea was headed out with friends so I had her jump in the photo shoot too. 😀. She is wearing the cutest romper. I love the vertical blue stripes. Hope you are enjoying your summer. What do you like to wear in summer?

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Are you a one piece or a two piece gal?

More pictures from our vacation in Clearwater Beach. I am at an age and shape (😂) where I don’t feel comfortable in two piece bathing suits anymore. I mean I try them on but don’t like how they look. This suit is from Miracle Suits and I bought it at Dillard’s. I love their swimsuit department. So many different brands and styles. This suit is flattering and is very comfortable. It keeps the ‘girls’ snug in place. 🤪 I also love the blue details along the side because it accentuates my waist.

Andrea’s suit is from Arie. She bought 3 suits from them at very reasonable prices. She actually likes one piece suits and the high waisted 2 piece suits. It is fun to watch her develop her own style. This pale salmon color (I guess that is what it is) is very flattering with her skin tone.

If you haven’t bought a suit yet, Dillard’s has a big sale after the 4th of July where they mark down the prices for the suits. You can get great deals which might make up from the pain of trying on suits. I don’t know anyone who likes shopping for swimsuits. What type of suit to you gravitate toward?

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Beach Vacations are wonderful and fashionable

I love the beach and the ocean! The sound of the waves crashing against the shoreline. The beautiful white sand beach. The warm sun relaxing my muscles and filling my soul with peace. I find an ocean beach one of the most relaxing places on earth. My husband, youngest daughter and I recently took a vacation in Clearwater Beach. Neither one of them had been there before and I had only been once many years ago in college. We found a wonderful hotel right on the beach, Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach. It had been recently renovated and was perfect for our needs. We really lucked out with the weather, it was sunny and hot just the way I like it at the beach. So of course my daughter and I had to plan our outfits for the vacation. 😂😂 For the daytime it was swim suits, coverups or shorts and tops. For the evening it was cute outfits for dinner. Here is a picture of our outfits for one such evening. My husband, not a professional photographer, takes crazy photos of us. He claims that the crazy shots can sometimes be the best. Whatever! 🤪 Occasionally though he captures some cute poses. So maybe he is on to something. I love white jeans in the summer and this cropped version with the large cuff were perfect for the beach. The off the shoulder top is such a great color and I love the pompom detail on the sleeves. I love the idea of off the shoulder tops but I think being large breasted doesn’t make the top as flattering. So I don’t usually don’t buy these type of tops but I could not pass this one up. I mean it has pompoms! These shoes are new. I bought them at Dillard’s. I really love the cheery yellow color and the slight wedge heel. Very comfortable and stylish. My daughter went with the off the shoulder top and black skirt. She looked adorable. She does most of her shopping at Goodwill and thrift stores. I am amazed at the cute items she finds. I don’t have the same luck as her nor the patience to look through all the stuff for the hidden gems.

It was a wonderfully relaxing vacation. So glad we were able to squeeze it in before our schedules got crazy.

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How does your garden grow?

I love flowers! All kinds, colors, shapes! They just make me happy. I love talking to them and telling them how pretty they look. Their smell is wonderful also. Here are some pictures of the flowers on my back deck. They are looking beautiful. My husband installed an awesome watering system that is programmed to water them every day. He is awesome. That was the worst part, standing there with a hose or watering can. Well now I just have to prune them and enjoy. ❤️

I also am growing several herbs, a cherry tomato plant, jalapeño plant and pepper plant. I have little tomatoes and peppers already growing. Can wait to harvest them. Can you say ‘Salsa!!!!!!’ Do you have a flower or vegetable garden? If so share some pictures!! I also am growing several herbs, a cherry tomato plant, jalapeño plant and pepper plant. I have little tomatoes and peppers already growing. Can wait to harvest them. Can you say ‘Salsa!!!!!!’ Do you have a flower or vegetable garden? If so share some pictures!!

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Baby it’s cold outside!

New Years Eve was a fun time with my husband. It was freezing so I went with a warm-ish outfit for our night out. These black pants were a Christmas gift. They are very flattering and comfortable due to the Lycra in them. The royal blue cold shoulder top is one of my favorites because the color looks great on me and it is a very flattering fit. The leopard faux fur jacket is so fun. I bought this at Loft a few years ago and will never part with it. I think it looks great with this top and the black jeans. I added a little sparkle with my necklace I received for Christmas last year. We had a great time at dinner and then ringing in the new year. Here is to wishing you a healthy and happy 2018. If you are in the part of the U.S. that is freezing right now, stay warm.

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Christmas Season = Party outfits

Now that Thanksgiving is over it is officially Christmas season in my book. I try to get the house decorated over the Thanksgiving break and my sweet husband hangs the lights outside.

There are usually several parties that go along with the holiday season as well as family Christmas get togethers. Parties equal holiday inspired outfits. I love to add sparkle and/or faux fur to my party outfits depending on the weather and the party theme. I keep many of my holiday pieces from previous years and try to restyle them to get more bang for my dollar. I will add a few new pieces each year to update the looks.

When I buy holiday pieces I consider if it will transcend the years. Some items may not make it back in style for several years, but eventually most do.  Velvet is one of these styles that is in all the stores this year. I have black velvet pants and cranberry velvet pants from last year that I will definitely wear this season.  I also have velvet wraps and shaws that are great for colder weather.

Faux fur vests are fun pieces to weave into a holiday look.  I bought this pink, grey and white vest this year at Macy’s  I love it with this pink top and faux leather pants. This picture was taken at my husbands work party this weekend.

The other pictures in this post are various pieces that I am considering for other holiday events.  I have sequin tops, flowy tops, another faux fur vest, and beaded shoes.  Still trying to figure out the right combinations.

Last item I want to highlight  is the cropped black pants.  They have this lovely satin fabric.  I had completely forgot I had them.  When I put them on I got so excited at the possibilities for cute outfits.

Wish me luck as I finalize the rest of my holiday looks.  I would love to hear about your holiday favorite pieces.

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Fall into Inspiration

Fall is my favorite season. I love the cooler temperatures, lower humidity, the colorful leaves and flowers, Halloween and Thanksgiving and the AWESOME FALL CLOTHES. Sweaters, boots, scarves, jackets and more. The jewel tone colors look great on me which is another reason I love this time of year.

My husband doesn’t like fall because winter and cold weather follows. I say you can’t blame Fall for Winter’s problems. 😛

I also love to buy new fall clothes. My closet is pretty full, but that didn’t stop me from going shopping. As I strolled through the clothing stores for ideas and inspiration I began snapping pictures of outfits on display. This got me thinking, I bet I can recreate many of these outfits from items in my closet. Challenge accepted.

Here is one example. It is not exactly like the outfit on the mannequin but I really like my outfit.  Nothing is new, the pants and stripped vest/wrap are from last fall.  The lace patterned navy top is from the spring, and the belt and purse are several years old.

This was really fun.  I am going to keep snapping pictures to help me shop my closet.

I would love to see some of your favorite outfits.

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Work, work, work…..

Since my last post it has been work, work, work. The song of the same name by Fifth Harmony pops in my head. Isn’t the same meaning though. 🙂

I am sharing a selection of outfits that I have worn over the past couple of months. Several business trips were involved which is why there are so many selfies. Sometimes for work I just grab my ‘go to’ items because I am not feeling any outfit inspiration. The dresses in today’s post are great staples. The black dress is from a local store, The New Blak, The clothes are locally designed and made from sustainable materials made in the USA. The dress is called ‘The Kate’. It is so flattering and comfortable.

The plum dress is from Stitch Fix. The top of it fit perfectly but was way to wide through the hips. So I had my tailor take it in and voila another go to outfit.

The striped top and blue skirt didn’t start as a go to outfit but it is now in the rotation. The skirt is several years old and I love the color but didn’t wear it much. I never had a top to wear with it that made me smile – until now. I snatched this top at Stein-mart over the summer with a 40% off coupon. When I purchased the top I was not sure what I would wear it with from my closet. The top is so fun and colorful. I love the flared sleeves and the little cut out at the top of the sleeve. Then one Saturday as I was playing around in my closest I paired this top with this skirt and knew I had a winner.

The next go to outfit is a classic work pant and white button down top. I wrote about the pants here. Love, love, love them. The button details and the flare leg. Neither of these items are new purchases. But I added the light blue vest to give it some personality. I love the little tassel detail around the bottom edge.

The last outfit is another basic work pant but in red. I paired it with a light pink top. The top has a nice feminine feel and look to it. The loafers I am wearing with it are from Clark’s.

I hope you like my ‘go to’ work outfits as much as I do. Feel free to share your go to outfits from you closet.

As I work, work, work, I like to have my clothes work, work, work for me.

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So where did summer go…..

It has been a while since I sat down and worked on my blog. I had thoughts going through my head everyday, all day, on ideas to write about.  I added notes to my phone so I wouldn’t forget the ideas.  But I could never muster the wherewithal to sit down and write.  I am stumped by this fact.  I really enjoy doing this blog, I love talking about clothes and food and everyday life.

I don’t know about your summer but our summer was crazy busy and flew by. First, my youngest daughter graduated high school.  Then we went on a family vacation to the lake. It was wonderful. My oldest daughter and son-in-law were able to join us as well.  They are living in St. Louis working on their medical residencies. They are half way through.  Yippee!  So we don’t see them a ton.  😟.  To have them at the lake with us was a treat.  After vacation we had a graduation party for my youngest. Then we got her ready for her school trip to London and Edinburgh (yes, she is a lucky girl). Her class attended the Fringe Festival in Ediburgh.  She loves acting and the theatre, so she was in heaven. Then when she returned we had to get ready to take her to college (across the country).  Lots of planning and strategy on what to pack and what to buy there. Thank goodness for Bed, Bath and Beyond shop and pick up option. You shop at your store and pick up the items at the store near the college. No need to lug all that stuff on a plane.  Another big help was those vacuum bags where you put your clothes in them and then push all the air out. The clothes smush down super thin.  My husband and I extended our trip to also celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary.

So I had tons to write about and yet I didn’t blogged all summer. Maybe I was too busy, or too lazy, or had too much good TV to watch. 😜 Or maybe I was a little sad or depressed. Or maybe I didn’t think what I have to say matters.  Maybe it is a little of all of the above.  Whatever the reason I am writing now which is progress. 

Today’s outfit I really love. My husband and  I went to dinner with his parents and his brother.  The jeans are from Macy’s. The embroidered flower detail is so pretty and fun.  I don’t think you will find these exact ones, but there are so many flower detail jeans as options.  The top is from Loft.  The color is a soft shade of  pink and a very flatter cut that I can wear tucked in or leave untucked.  The army green vest is from Cato.  I had never been in a Cato store but another blogger has mentioned it several times. I was on business travel to a very small town and they had one of these stores.  I was pleasantly surprised as the clothes were really cute and stylish. I had just eaten dinner so I didn’t feel like trying anything on.  Ha. But I found this vest on the sale rack and snag it for just under $12. Score.   I wasn’t sure about wearing the vest with a sleeveless top but I thought it looked good.  What do you think?

I bought the shoes from DSW last fall on line. The heel is higher than I normally like to wear but works for a dinner out.  The brown leather belt is a few years old but I think it ties the outfit together nicely.

Maybe another reason I haven’t blogged is because my photographer (my daughter) was gone so much this summer. LOL. With her away at college I am breaking in a new photographer, my husband.  He is so silly, he likes to take all these goofy shots (here are few below).  In the end he did a pretty good job, so I guess I’ll keep using him.

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Flash back – what goes around comes around in fashion

IMG_1327IMG_1430Today’s post is about the ruffle. The shirt I am wearing is from Zara. I had been looking for a blue and white striped shirt with ruffles ever since I started to see ruffles popping up in all the fashion magazines and in stores this spring.  Why?  Flash back to high school. My senior year I had this blue and white striped ruffle shirt that I loved so much I wore it for my senior photo.  How cute was I?  Ha Ha. Gotta love that 80’s feather cut hair style.  My boyfriend at the time actually took my senior photos.  He was an amateur photographer at the time. So can you say free?  Unlike the cost of my daughter’s senior photos. $$

Back to today’s outfit. I saw this shirt in a Zara in Atlanta and had to give it a try. Once on I knew I found what I had been looking for. I also knew I had these high waist navy pants to wear with the top.  I was very excited. (It’s the little things.). And it was priced right, around $30.  I have worn this outfit to work a few times already.  I feel like that high school kid again. I can’t wait to wear this top with shorts this summer.

The necklace is from stitch fix and I wear it all the time. It is such a versatile piece of jewelry and adds a nice statement to many of my outfits. The purse is Coach and I absolutely love it.  It is beautiful and practical at the same time.  It has several pockets and dividers to help keep things organized and easy to find.  The shoes, which you can’t really see are from Clarks. They are a multi color jewel tone suede pump.  Comfortable and stylish.


My style has definitely evolved over the years. In middle school I was a major tomboy, played all the normal sports, basketball, volleyball, softball, but also loved playing with Barbies.  I think I liked clothes but it wasn’t a huge priority.  I remember a few of my favorite things – at age 5 I wanted and received black boots for my birthday and my junior year of high school I went on a school trip to France and bought this multi-tiered ruffled royal blue skirt (similar, similar) and a beret.  Looking back I think I had an eye for fashion forward pieces but lacked the confidence to wear them.

In high school, I gravitated to a preppy style. Probably because it was popular and many of my friends dressed that way.  I wore a uniform to school so that made things easy as far as what to wear most days.  I do remember when we had uniform break days I would stress about what to wear.  I worried too much about what other girls thought.

We didn’t have many shopping options. The major stores in my town were Bacons, Stewarts, JCPenny, Sears and KMart.  Things certainly have changed since then. Thank goodness. 😅

I hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane as much as I did. Til next time.

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Weekend wear – so cute and comfy

I love my weekends, time to relax, rest and recharge.  I am lucky enough to have a work schedule where I am off every other Friday  My off Friday agenda varies but usually consists of a couple of the following;

a  doctors appointments

b  hair appointments

c  lunch with my Mom and Sister or my high school friends


e. projects/chores around the house

f  catching up on my DVR’d shows

g  exercising

These are not listed in any particular order but I probably do c, d, f and g the most.

Today’s outfit is perfect for most of my Friday activities.  The jeans are from Macy’s, the top from The Limited (so bummed the company closed) and the sweater is from Stitch Fix.  My booties are Lucky brand from Dillard’s.  I have had these booties for a couple years now and absolutely love them.  They  are comfortable and complement so many outfits. You can still buy them here.

I love the patch detail on the jeans, it is fresh and current but I feel not overly trendy. I bought them on sale for $13 – score!  They still have them in stock and on sale.

The necklace is an original necklace made by my niece, the dancing swan.  She is an amazing jewelry designer. She does it part time and sells jewelry on Etsy, Instagram (link above) and in local stores and craft fairs in Louisville.

The sweater from Stich Fix is very comfortable and the neutral color allows me to wear it with so many outfits  I also love the patches on the elbows as it adds an interesting feature to the sweater.

My purse is a Michael Kors.  My husband bought it for me for Christmas a few years ago.  I love the classic color and the tufted quilt pattern.  I like how the purse and shoes ground the outfit.

I hope your weekend was relaxing and enjoyable.




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Well, hello!

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog.  This is my very first post. I am starting this blog to share all the things I love…. my family and friends, food, fashion and just random thoughts about everyday life. I am not good at writing down my thoughts so I am going to use this blog to help me improve on this. I have all these thoughts constantly going through my head but when I go to write them down, poof, they are gone.  I have been reading different fashion blogs for several years which I find very helpful but I also love how these women express their thoughts and feelings. It is such a brave thing to do.   So these lovely ladies have inspired me to give blogging a try.

I live in Kentucky, born and raised.  I have lived here all my life. I work outside the home, am happily married and have 2 beautiful daughters. I am so excited  about this blog and can’t wait to share more stories about my life, food and fashion.

Talk to you soon.

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Back on the road again…

So I am traveling again but this time for work. I love the outfit in today’s post. This jacket has a jacquard pattern which reminds of the 1980s style. These colors are so pretty – a light peach, ivory and pale mint. I bought this from Macy’s earlier this spring. It was on the cover of one of their catalogs and I just had to have it. 😂. What do you think of this jacket?

The mint top is from JC Penny’s from a couple years ago and the ivory Loft crop pants are from last year.

I like these pants for travel because I can wear them more than once by changing up the top and jacket for a different look. Hope you have a great day.

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